Health Benefits Of A Good Massage

One of the biggest benefits to having a massage is the relief of tension and stress. If you or your loved one have a demanding work life and a hectic household to look after, a massage treatment will perfectly help to reduce tight or knotted muscles. In turn, this will reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, leaving the feeling happy and relaxed. A proper massage can also boost a person’s immune system, which will reduce any pain you may experience from conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.
According to the Mayo Clinic, a massage reduces levels of hormone called cortisol. This hormone is linked to causing stress, depression and anxiety conditions. If you or your loved one suffers from decreased mobility, a massage gift certificate will most definitely be well received.
According to licensed massage therapist Erica Strumhandler, individuals who suffer from joint pain and limited range of motion will benefit immensely from massage therapy. As well as helping to loosen injured or tight muscles, a massage will encourage oxygen-rich blood, nutrition and nutrients to flood into problem areas. This will not only leave you feeling relaxed, it will increase joint mobility and overall joint function.
According to studies conducted by the Holistic Medicine Society, having a massage on a regular basis can significantly improve weakened muscles and therefore, overall function and mobility.
As well as decreasing feelings of anxiety and stress, a massage will also help lymph nodes drain.
In turn, this will give you immune system a boost making you less susceptible to illness, feelings of depression and mood swings.